We are the first early stage venture capital firm in Central America.

We invest in startups with innovative value propositions, high growth potential, and led by talented entrepreneurs. We provide operative and strategic guidance, as well as support in business development to transform projects into companies and accelerate their growth.  


Who are we?

Carao Ventures was founded in 2012 in San José, Costa Rica. We have reviewed 2,000+ applications and have developed partnerships with 11 startups in software, fintech, biotechnology, education, and other industries. Also, we are strategic partners of EY Central America, members of the GAN (Global Accelerator Network), and part of XCALA (BID-FOMIN). 




Carao Ventures is proudly part of GAN (Global Accelerator Network), a platform that provides benefits to our startups: access to more than $1M in perks, opportunities to work out of any GAN Accelerator around the world, connections to corporate partners, and possible investment from GAN Ventures.


We invest in various phases of early stage startups through a seed investment fund and an exclusive investors network.

We add value

Our tailor-made acceleration program provides a comprehensive package with operative and strategic resources. We also promote a sense of community and support among startups. 

Business growth

We connect entrepreneurs with first market opportunities and support them at generating strategic partnerships.